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    Sunrise Packaging Material (Jiangyin) Co.,Ltd

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    China Jiangsu
    2# Tonggang Road, Changjing Town, Jiangyin


    SunAir® Multi-layer Coextruded Protective Packaging

    Better Packaging Better Solution

    ◆Product Introduce◆
    SunAir Multi-layer Coextruded Air Bag Packaging Film

    SunAir® is the multi-layer coextruded film for buffer packaging developed and produced by Sunrise Packaging Material Co., Ltd. SunAir® has excellent puncture resistance and sealing performance. 
    SunAir® can design the size of air buffer bag according to the weight and transport requirement of the packaged product, provide customers the safe, sanitary and environmental protected program in the most economic package cost. SunAir® is produced by all resin, so can recycle, it is new and environmental-friendly packaging material

    SunAir Multi-layer Coextruded Air Bag Packaging Film SunAir Multi-layer Coextruded Air Bag Packaging Film

    ◆Production series◆
    Production series Material Advantages
    SunAir®-HT PE/PA/PE SunAir®-HT, can resist high termperature and high moisture test, it can pass the test under 75 ℃ for 24 hours, application in packing highlever electronic parts. 
    Pressure of air butter is >0.8 MPa.
    SunAir®-LT PE/PA/PE SunAir®-LT, normal air filled bag packaging, resist 60℃ temperature.
    SunAir®-TA PE/PA/PA/PE better physical performance and puncture resistance.


    ◆ Multi-layered coextrusion
    ◆ Excellent puncture resistance and sealing performance 
    ◆ Provide Safe, sanitary and environmental protected program
    ◆ Recycle material 

    ◆ New and environmental-friendly packaging material


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