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    Sunrise Packaging Material (Jiangyin) Co.,Ltd

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    China Jiangsu
    2# Tonggang Road, Changjing Town, Jiangyin


    SunForm® Coextruded Multi-layer Thermoforming Film

    Better Packaging Better Solution

    ◆Product Introduce◆
    Water Quench Coextruded Multi-layer
    Sunrise's SunForm® is the trade name for its multilayer, coextruded forming films. SunForm® film is manufactured by using rapid quenching process technologies, either cold water quenching method or super fast air cooled blown technology. SunForm® film exhibits superior formability, excellent optical appearance, and balanced mechanical properties. Sunrise offers both high oxygen barrier version and medium oxygen barrier version of SunForm® films, which provide superior aroma, flavor and UV protection to meat products.
    SunForm® films have a wide range of gauges for different forming depth requirements. Its sealant is designed for aggressive seal ability for high speed packaging process. Easy peel sealant is also available.
    In the increasingly competitive forming film market, Sunrise offers an excellent film products with aggressive competitive pricing. Its supply position has been solidly established in North America, European, and Australia and New Zealand markets.
    Forming Packing Process:

    Forming Packing Process

    ◆Production series◆

    Production series Material Advantages
    High barrier,PA Surface
    EVOH as barrier layer, 
    PA surface
    ◆ EVOH barrier layer, high barrier performance;
    ◆ PA surface layer, good high temperature and
    low temperature resistance;
    ◆ Thickness range is 100~280 um.
    Middle barrier,PA surface
    PA/PE ,
    PA as barrier layer 
    ◆ PA barrier layer, medium barrier performance;
    ◆ PA surface layer, good puncture resistance;
    ◆ Thickness range is 100~280 um.
    No barrier and breathable
    PP/PE ◆ Good forming performance;
    ◆ Breathable film for packing fresh meat;
    ◆ Thickness range is 100-280 um.
    Retort, PA Surface




    PP sealant

    ◆ PA barrier layer, medium barrier performance;
    ◆ PP sealant layer, high temperature resistance ;
    ◆ Thickness range is 100~280 um.


    ◆ Fresh meat store in room temperature
    ◆ Frozen stored meat
    ◆ Other fresh food
    ◆ Medicine Devices Packaging

    Water Quench Coextruded Multi-layer Water Quench Coextruded Multi-layer


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