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    Sunrise Packaging Material (Jiangyin) Co.,Ltd

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    China Jiangsu
    2# Tonggang Road, Changjing Town, Jiangyin


    About Us


    Founded in May 2004, Sunrise Packaging Material (Jiangyin) Co., Ltd is an enterprise that specialized in the development, manufacturing and selling flexible multi-layer coextruded functional packaging materials.  The total investment of US$ 300 million was planned in four phase to reach a full scale manufacturing site for both co-extrusion films and converted laminates. At present, Sunrise has completed its first phase, a total of US$60 million investment that includes a 28 acre land and a 330,000 square foot manufacturing building that houses eight film production lines with about 35 thousand ton or 77 million pound annual capacity. In Phase One, Sunrise focused on downward and upward blown co-extrusion technology for various functional barrier films such as vacuum pouches and thermoforming films for meat and cheese packaging.  In the second phase began in 2013, US$80 million was invested.  Phase Two will have a 260,000 square foot manufacturing building that is dedicated to shrink film manufacturing and printing and lamination converting production.  The project will last until 2015.  Phase Three is being planned and will begin in 2014.  Once all phases are completed, Sunrise Jiangyin plant will be one of the largest flexible packaging material production sites in China.

    Sunrise believes the technology and has heavily invested in advanced film technology and converting technology since its commencement of the company.  In last eight years, Sunrise purchased eight blown film lines from Canadian and Germany OEMs, including three water quenched film lines. Working with North America OEM, Sunrise has successfully built its shrink film lines.  In three years, Sunrise will have more than 20 million pound shrink film capacity with the capability to produce bags for both boneless and bone-in applications.  Sunrise also focuses on technology development and process research to expand its film making and converting capability with high efficiency and productivity.  Currently, Sunrise converting production includes over thirty different pouch machines, ten slitters, two up to ten color rotogravure printing presses and two laminators.  A new ten color flexographic printing press is up and running in 2014.  Promised to be the technical leader in Chinese flexible packaging industry, Sunrise invests close to $1,000,000 annually in building a highly effective R&D team to continue exploring and developing new material and process technologies, aiming at better serving its domestic and global customers.  

    In the ten year period, Sunrise has developed and manufactured various high-end functional film products for food packaging, medical packaging, chemical packaging, and protective packaging.  Sunrise's products are exported daily to more than 50 countries and regions in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.  Sunrise commits to be a responsible global corporate citizen that complies with regulations and laws established by various countries where Sunrise is conducting business.  The company has been successfully maintained ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification since 2005.  As a global packaging material supplier, Sunrise's products are also certified with regulations, including American FDA food safety packaging certification; Canada official food safety packaging certification (CFIA); and the Commonwealth BRC food safety packaging certification.  In 2007, the company passed Chinese QS food safety certification and became one of the first company obtained such certificate.  Sunrise supports and commits to the Green concept and makes effort in creating and promoting a better environment in the community and around the world.   

    Sunrise wants to be a trusted global supplier who creates value for its global customers so that the customers are delighted to do business with the company.  Sunrise emphasizes on quality and focuses on service.  Strived to the excellence, Sunrise is quickly becoming a leading supplier of flexible packaging materials around the world.   


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