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    Sunrise Packaging Material (Jiangyin) Co.,Ltd

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    China Jiangsu
    2# Tonggang Road, Changjing Town, Jiangyin


    SunForm® is our water cooled blown coextruded forming film and is distinguished by its excellent formability, which makes it the optimal solution for deep forming applications...[More]
    A plastic bag that is made of PVdC based film.A plastic bag that is used for vacuum packaging.A plastic bag that is heat shrinkable....[More]
    Sunrise’s Sunlid™ is the trade name of a lidding film series. Sunlid™ is designed to be used as a top film in both rigid tray and flexible thermoforming package applications. In this series, Sunlid™ has tow basic structures: ·Multi-layer, co-extruded film ·Adhesive laminated film...[More]
    Most food products require modified atmosphere or vacuum packaging, such as fresh meats, processed meats, cheeses, seafood and other perishable products. Sunrise supplies wide range of vacuum pouches available today...[More]
    Anti-static film,Anti-fog film,Anti-UV film,Easy peelable forming and lidding film,Breath packaging film,Protective film,Retort film and pouches,High barrier vacuum film...[More]
    Sunrise’s SunFlex® is the trade name for its sealant film series, designed specifically for lamination applications. SunFlex® film is manufactured with sophisticated multilayer coextrusion technology. Sunrise offers a variety of different sealant materials to meet customers’ specific needs....[More]
    SunAir® is the multi-layer coextruded film for buffer packaging developed and produced by Sunrise Packaging Material Co., Ltd. SunAir® has excellent puncture resistance and sealing performance....[More]
    This product was developed by Sunrise in 2011, it is complied by hard plastic sheet and flexible coex-truded barrier film, it can be applied in forming packaging. This hard laminated barrier sheet gathers the advantages of hard sheet and flexible barrier film....[More]
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